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An estimated 350 million people worldwide suffer from Depression in some form or another; that’s roughly 5% of the global population. Ten years ago this malady became the inspiration for the author to begin scribbling down his own personal experiences and observations. Documenting the overwhelming battle for his mind, if only to simply deal with the mounting frustrations, struggles, angst and confusion. These recorded thoughts began to add up and collect moss of reflection, introspection and retrospection. Eventually evolving into 16 separate, yet intertwining chapters. From the warm, flexible facts of his beginnings, to the resilient joys of finding so many opportunities in the plentiful mistakes of his ongoing journey. Mistakes such as being one of the first students in his grade accepted to college, yet failing to show up for High School graduation, and then boldly entering into a Major of Psychology nearly 20 years later in a perfectly ripe season. FOGGY NOTIONS: Memorandum of a Man-in-the-Making engages some of those wondrous questions that we all attempt to juggle on a daily-basis. Here-in lies the informal record of someone who was colorblind at birth, taxpayer at 14, High School dropout at 18, married at 20, divorced at 23, and insatiable Student of Life from then on. The noteworthy account of someone who has lived within, around, under the weight of, and symbiotically detached from Depression for nearly a quarter of a century. Part memoir, part exterior-help, part interior-guidance, part something unspoken. Waiting patiently within the pages, is a little bit of logic and a whole lot of lessons learned. After spending most of his life chasing and ‘wasting’ time, somehow he always seems to have an ample amount left over at exactly the right instant to do what he needs to in the perfect span of ticks and tocks.